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> What would happen if we included a fully working "live" CD to satisfy doing
> a pure LFS install?
> My biggest question is, how _bad_ is a "live" CD when taken into account
> performance? would it even be worth it? considering you c
> ould just untar everything an go from there, and everything would be
> overwritten anyways...

I have a distro of sorts that I call "VooDoo Linux", it is built from a
LiveCD. Until recently, it contained raw source and the user was on
their own! (those few brave soles). But I now put the LFS information on
the CD, it is readable through Lynx or you can fire up X and use a
browser (it also has several HOWTOs, MAN pages and other help). It also
has FTP and network support, to grab stuff from the Net.

The performance is OK, it really does not take that long... It is
intended for a bare drive install naturally -- as the user does not have
(or want) to have a running version of Linux on the HDD, just make the
partitions - mount and build.

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