Bootdisk and Bootable CDs.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Mon Jul 31 01:41:36 PDT 2000


We have been talking about this quite a bit on IRC...

If we created a set of boot and root diskette and included networking and a
few other tools, we could support several different installs;

  - HTTP
  - FTP

Considering we could it would fit on a floppy;

  - CVS
  - NFS

And ofcourse;

  - HD

I've build a static i386 LFS (everything needed to enter chroot, including
glibc) that's about 45MB, though that isn't striped yet, should be a lot
smaller if i stripped it.

All you would have todo is untar it and continue from there... it would
speed things up, everything gets overriden except for Glibc, which you could
recompile and install anyways.

The only downside to this is that you can't do a "true" LFS install, in that
half of the work is allready done, though it could problably do ALFS quite
well, we would like to offer something for LFSer that don't feel like
installing a distro yet would like todo LFS the old fashion way ;^)

What would happen if we included a fully working "live" CD to satisfy doing
a pure LFS install?

My biggest question is, how _bad_ is a "live" CD when taken into account
performance? would it even be worth it? considering you c
ould just untar everything an go from there, and everything would be
overwritten anyways...

ok i'm starting to ramble... please post your thoughs, I don't mind doing
grunt work, i'm just looking for answer on the best way of doing it.

.HIghoS (PS, if ya wanna talk about ALFS, drop by #LFS on =)
Jesse Tie Ten Quee - tie at - highos at

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