Bootable CDs (was: Re: byacc)

KL Davis info at
Wed Jul 26 04:03:18 PDT 2000

Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:
> It would be called a "live" CD.
> It should be easy enough to just bootup, mount your partition and start
> buidling LFS.

I have available a CD called VooDoo Linux that is exactly that... Boot,
make the partitons, mount and build. It has your choice of X-Server
(iceWM) and browser or just Lynx for viewing HTML docs (such as the LFS
stuff) and HOWTOs, as well as man pages.

I am updateing the source right now, and adding LFS 2.3.6

I would be happy to modify it to whatever you need? For the most part, I
have everything in a little script that I wrote, would be no problem to
make a few changes to it.
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