Bootable CDs (was: Re: byacc)

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Tue Jul 25 19:29:19 PDT 2000

>> I have several different applications that I offer on bootable CDROM,
>> including "live" CD O/S... Are you looking for strictly a bootable CD,
>> or a live system running from CDROM?

It would be called a "live" CD.
It should be easy enough to just bootup, mount your partition and start
buidling LFS.

>I like the El Torito system and syslinux... I build a small root file
>sytems and move that to initrd.img, then build the El Torito boot.img
>(up to 2.88MB) from the initrd.img, vmlinuz, syslinux.cfg, message.txt
>and any sub-menus (syslinux.f1, etc).
>I have not really found many systems that in has problems booting on,
>using the safe option (-s) when making syslinux makes it even more
>reliable with buggy BIOS (but sometimes VERY slow to boot).
>It is really simple to write a short script that does all of the work
>for you.

Wanna write on? ;^)

Thx alot, this seems exactly what i need ... and i've always been impressed
with syslinux style bootdisk/cds i've used.

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