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Tue Jul 25 18:52:25 PDT 2000


>Before anybody thinks "great so what does Gerard do?"
Enjoying Toronto's view? *snickers*
>I'm busy with LFS-2.4 right now. I'm concentrating on the next stable
>release for now and when that's out I'll start interfering with Jesse
>and Bryan here ;) For now I'm just making sure they test a couple of
>things that need to be tested (CVS, new ALFS-API, profile parser)
>Seems that LFS-2.3.7-pre1 will be ready by the end of tonight.

Argh!, i knew i was forgetting something =P
Yep, Gerard took off heading for that nice SGML book, to get rid of that
TODO list...
I was trying to make stay and just chat, so blame me ;)

>And I got them papers. Not all that impressive looking papers, though I
>payed $975.00 to get 'em (well worth it though).


.HIghoS (have a good one y'all)
(Ps, never let your father take your notebook from you to watch a DVD,
lynx/ssl ecking input field ;)
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