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Wed Jul 12 04:38:10 PDT 2000

<cut all of it>

Some good feedback for sure.

In short, I agree with most if not all that you have said. I don't
intend to compete in any way, shape or form with companies like RedHat,
Caldera and non-profit organizations like Debian. I know that ALFS
sounds a lot like another distribution and the line is blurred.

Like Mark wrote before companies like Oracle, Informix and such want to
move to the Linux world and they need a Linux system that they can test
on. Like Mark said, this system must be a system conforming to certain
Linux standards (read LSB). If they'd do it on RedHat things will be
very different from when they will do it on Debian. One of ALFS' goals
can be to provide a Linux system that conforms 100% to the LSB
specifications to accompany Oracle, Informix, etc. You can't really
expect them to build a manual LFS system. That will just take too long
for them.

It's hard to judge where to draw a line. It's so easy to expand ALFS a
little and turn it into a full distribution like Debian and RedHat with
all the bells and whistles they provide.

This is an issue I've been thinking daily about since the day the ALFS
idea came to mind. The main thing with me personally is that I don't
have enough knowledge on what's needed for such companies. Apparently
what RedHat and Debian and others currently are, isn't enough. Because
(A)LFS concepts are pretty low-level where every single detail can be
easily customized without breaking an entire system, it would the idea
place to start building something that they need. What that exactly is I
still don't know (I know it somewhat but not the fine details). Right
now ALFS isn't working with LSB or those big companies. I don't think
things will be totally clear until that happens (when and if are still
big questions).

I don't have much else to respond to this, other than that I understand
your arguments. They're pretty much the same as my own. I think we just
have to see where this is going to. If all else fails, we can just setup
something that does what the book does, without you needing to type all
the commands. So when all else isn't an option, we'll have at least that
last goal ;)

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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