Immigration update

Simon Perreault nomis80 at
Tue Jul 11 10:47:39 PDT 2000

> This will of course seriously affect LFS' future. I will not have the
> time anymore to spend 8 hours a day on it (unless some kind of miracle
> happens and I'll get payed to work on (A)LFS but since it's only 2 weeks
> away I don't think that will happen. I need a job so I'm going to accept
> the first job that comes around, even if it means working at the local
> computer shop repairing computers and installing MS Windows on them
> (ugh).

It's nice to have you in Canada! Where, exactly, are you moving in?

Anyway, it's too bad that LFS's development will be slowed. But you have an
incredible workforce here, on the mailing list! Many very competent people,
and many of them willing to do something for the linux community, and for
LFS in particular. Could you implement a CVS system (or CVS-like) so that
people could work on your projects? ALFS particularly would be suitable for
this kind of team work, and the LFS InfoSystem too.

Myself, even if I'm kinda newbie (well, not anymore I guess, I'm helping a
lot of people on Quebec forums), I'd like to give back as much as I took.

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