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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jul 11 09:17:30 PDT 2000


I received a letter from Immigration Canada today concerning the "Call
in notice".

The "call in notice" is one of the final stages in the immigration
process. During this meeting with an immigration official I have to pay
a Right of Landing fee of $975.00 CDN and then I will receive my landed
immigrant document.

Then the next thing I will do is going to get my Social Insurance Number
and when I've gotten one (takes about 5 minutes to get one) I can work.
My meeting is scheduled for next July 25th. This means I'll be able to
work from that day onwards.

Immigration normally takes 14 months to complete. I was done in 2 months
and 2 weeks. I'm a lucky guy I guess.

This will of course seriously affect LFS' future. I will not have the
time anymore to spend 8 hours a day on it (unless some kind of miracle
happens and I'll get payed to work on (A)LFS but since it's only 2 weeks
away I don't think that will happen. I need a job so I'm going to accept
the first job that comes around, even if it means working at the local
computer shop repairing computers and installing MS Windows on them

The LFS InfoSystem which I was going to work on after 2.3.6 is released
will be postponed for several months (since the week after 2.3.6 is
released I'll be hunting for jobs).

Gerard Beekmans

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