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L Vogtmann wrote:

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> I have built a bootable/root floppy and loopback /usr filesystem as per the
> LFS-Bootdisk-HOWTO and converted it over to a boot/root combination disk as per
> the Bootdisk-HOWTO.
> I can't seem to get it to transfer correctly over to an eltorito bootable CD
> though.  Kernel boots fine, but then it asks for the root floppy!  (The floppy
> does not, I set the rdev flags and wrote the rootfs.gz file to it, and it works
> perfectly!)
> I have tried both the LILO and kernel ramdisk methods, both floppies work fine.
>  I used
> dd if=/dev/fd0 of=boot/boot.img &&
> mkisofs -r -J -b boot/boot.img -c boot/boot.catalog -o ../bootcd.iso &&
> cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 speed=2 ../bootcd.iso
> Sorry if this is considered OT, and thanks for any help

Very odd... The prompt for the second disk is set in the kernel ramdisk word (bit
but why it prompts in one case and not the other is weird -- if it is the same

You could look in the source and see if the flag is set?


I would also set the output in your dd command to indicate the size of the image
adding bs=1024 count=1440... who knows, mabe the ElTorrito 2.88 ability has
something to do with it -- or maybe I am just up too late and rambling?

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