ALFS Progress (was: Re: bash: ./configure: No such file or directory)

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Sat Dec 16 07:38:26 PST 2000

Since I first read about ALFS I was intressted in helping. I would like to do 
some coding. I have skills in Java, and assembler, and am currently improving 
C/C++. I still have to look in GUI development under linux (especially 
interessted in qt). Then I have to get a bit more knowledge about XML/SGML.
This is all on top of my todo list, and I will be ready to start some serious 
work on all this next year (huh, sounds very far away, but is only two more 

Until now I didn't realy see the starting point, but if the coding starts, 
don't hesitate to ask, I would like to help.


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