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Wed Dec 13 07:34:23 PST 2000

Quoting Jesse Tie Ten Quee on Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 01:48:24AM -0500 :
> Yo,
> I've been thinking about alot of things in the last month.. especially
> as on the '17 of this month, i'll be turning 18, i'm still very young ;)
Congratulations, pup.  (Hope that translates well ;)

> Along with a million other small things, like doing some documentation
> work on the DocBook SGML Syntax, a little PR for the project, getting

I was interesting to discover that the SGML/XML piece of the LSB spec
is about 50% done.


> Please give your two bits of advice, even if you don't know alot about
> ALFS or those invovled....... some feedback is needed, good and bad.

I have been interested in ALFS for quite some time.  I do have my own
opinion about it though.  You may have seen some of my posts regarding
LSB compliance, or not :)  But, I have been interested in building
LFS to the current LSB spec.  At the moment, I have be too busy with
my real job.  I am currently trying to get caught up on the LSB spec.
I read it Monday, but have not completed my read the FHS 2.1 spec.

So, anyway, in an effort to help push LSB along and provide the
necessary feedback to the package maintainers to help make their
source code use LSB spec for their make install scripts, I'd like
to focus my next build around the LSB or at least the LDPS.  The
reason is that the LSB is focused on using RPM.  It would be nice
to balance the test specification with a source based installation.

A lot of what ALFS is moving toward is in line with being able to
build LSB compliant systems from LSB compliant systems.  Something
that is not really being done yet.  The current method involves
installing a minimal system, removing stuff that is not in the
spec, the tweaking what is left to conform.  Building from source
seems a much cleaner method.  Once that is done, people can use
whatever package manager they want, but I do not want to be forced
to use any package manager to build a compliant system.

So, that's my $.25 (two bits where I come from) :)
Feedback/criticism always welcome.


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