ALFS == build world?

Stefan Hoffmeister Stefan.Hoffmeister at
Fri Dec 1 13:48:13 PST 2000

Do I understand the concept / idea behind ALFS right in that it is meant
to provide a tool set which is being kicked off by a single command, and
which then will build a complete Linux system from a source tree?

Just some random ramblings:

All kinds of interesting things can be patched into the kernel which are
very, very useful for a specific deployment use of an installation. This
is not limited to kernel patches, of course.

Even the "evaluation" or "demo" versions of some major distributions
(namely SuSE 7.0, Mandrake 7.2, RedHat 7.0) are by far too fat for my

What I am looking at right now is two different tasks for a LFS system:

  * an office server / firewall

      Samba, NFS, lpr, dial-up router with PPPoE, modem etc.

  * an application development system

      kernel with special patches, pre-configured development
      and debugging tools

These are actual needs of mine right now :-)  Currently I get along with
major distributions, but I am put off by the "complexity" of installing
them (because they install way too much). And because of the complexity of
maintaining them ("... too much"). And because of the effort required to
get them into a working state ("... too little").

An interesting application of ALFS (in the end) would be something like a
"build world" system:

  * bootable CD with Linux kernel
  * prepares partitions and friends
  * detects hardware

  * copies *source* tree over to partition
  * ALFS -> build world
       * kernel
       * glibc
       * ...

The result would be a rather "minimal" distribution, all built from source
in place, where everything could be updated on the source tree. Any
changes to the source tree, followed by an ALFS build, would then update
the system. I am also under the impression that FreeBSD has "build world"
functionality, something that might be interesting to have.

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