neven error/messaging changes

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Sat Dec 30 10:04:53 PST 2000

On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 07:26:06PM +0000, Bryan Dumm wrote:
> Just looking for your ideas on what to add to the 
> current backend code, changes you made on what
> we previously discussed.....
> Wanted to try and add it, so others could have an 
> easier time "debugging" problems.... ;)

I've done a lot of stuff to that code that you send.
I'm doing some more small changes and will send it very soon.

I don't know if you read that comments in the code I already send you, but I
implemented a lot of that stuff.

I would have to warn you that I did a lot of smaller, not_so_important changes
too. For example, I changed some of the variable names which I found a bit 
confusing and also did some beautification of the code. :)
So you will have to tell me if you mind me doing stuff like that, so I could 
know for the future. :)

About that error stuff...

I implemented _some_ error checking in _a few_ subroutines.
It's not much and it's there just for as an example.

It looks like:

        if (! chdir $dir) {
                return if error($elt, "Unable to change directory to $dir.\n");

which is similar to what you proposed in one of your messages.

But I'll send you the code soon, so you can see it yourself.


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