by golly part2

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Fri Dec 29 06:09:53 PST 2000


I also added a patch element that just has the normal 
params and a dir= attribute. This gets rid of the system
command for patch use...

The only two problems I have ran into

Search_replace works, cept for things like below, reason why need proper 
of the $ () etc. as to not confuse regexs.... How dunno yet, but you can setup
<search_replace dir="&LFS;&builddir;" find="test" 
and add test to any blank line, run the script again with this new code to 
see it work.
		<search_replace dir="&LFS;&builddir;" find="$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o" 
replace="$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o">Makefile</search_replace>


			<system_command dir="&LFS;&builddir;/linux">yes "" | make 
This is broke.... " is not translating " turns it back to "
This here above (yes "" | make config) is a nice and dirty kludge
for not having a tag that pipes commands. We'll have to talk about
that one some more.

Both of these problems seem to be XML problems and we are 
just not applying the rules correctly I believe....

Other than that I think we will just have to deal with acceptable 
gcc or not up through the glibc part of chap5 and I believe
through the rest of chap5, probably chap6....

Hoping chroot is the only kludge left. I am going back through to 
retest up through glibc again, but I thinks it is done.......
Bryan Dumm 
who is Sore Loserman, I want him for president :)

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