by golly

Bryan Dumm bdumm at
Fri Dec 29 05:36:40 PST 2000

Hey I made some changes and by golly I believe it 
works. What I am babbling about is I killed the whole
package mess with builddir....

And I believe it works. I will be posting results here soon,
but initially it looks good.

I've also introduced three new elements


each one has normal parameter type attributes and either a 




which solves the old builddir problem. As you might have noticed
I also added a new entity called builddir, same name thats all. In 
it I have either told it to turn dir into 

$dir = "$dir\/$name-$version";


$dir = "$nodir";

depending on if nodir is set as an attribute. This allows us to make
decisions on which directory to change to, and also depending on 
the command (ie. configure = ../gcc-2.5.92/configure) we can either
pass it like the example or as a regular configure call. 

I also added one more attribute called $pre that allows for things like


so that they can work, and by golly I believe it all does.

Detailed change info coming soon, after testing...... 
Bryan Dumm 
who is Sore Loserman, I want him for president :)

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