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Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Thu Dec 28 09:20:17 PST 2000


> > I actually started coding this since I think it's a good idea and since you
> > forgot to attach your code and I had nothing better to do. ;)
> > I can send it, although it's not much and it creates a very simple profile
> > without inspecting the "./configure --help" output.
> > It just looks whether "configure" and/or "Makefile" exist.
> Heh, nice. Thanks, I had not done it. Just got the idea....
> Send it whenever. 

"$profiles" variable should be edited and the script started with package 
names as arguments (with /path/to/packages/* for example).

It has some limitations: 

o	Packages must be tarred (they must have a "tar" extension).

o 	They must contain "top level directory".

o 	Either "configure" or "Makefile" must be present in that directory.

o	For the name/version to be correctly determined either top level 
	directory or package name must be in the format: 


This is usually the case, so it should work with most packages.

It uses tar's "--list" option, so for the larger archives you should be 
patient. :)

There are things that can be added (like "--prefix" to configure so you don't
pollute your system with these "testing" packages) and you are free to do so.

The profiles that it creates are very simple and they all look alike. :)
But I guess it can be useful for creating one big Profile with bunch of 
packages to test the backend for handling large profiles (larger than LFS 
that is :).


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