Couple of useful tools: Bootable CD, Handy dialogue boxes

Iain C iain at
Thu Aug 10 04:22:17 PDT 2000

Hi guys,

Just a couple of tools that might be of use.

YARD, at is a set of Perl scripts for creating custom bootdisks, by the author of the BOOTDISK-HOWTO. The interesting bit is a patch that allows bootable CDs to be created using MKLINUX.

The other thing (that many people may well already know about) is the cool dialogue box util "dialog", that allows bash scripts to use pretty ncurses menu screens with a variety of widgets - handy for peeps writing installers maybe? Noticed that the pppsetup and ethsetup scripts supplied as part of Vector Linux (excellant lightweight distro to build LFS from btw, libc6-2.1.3, kernel 2.2.14, used this and researched it - it's the underlying application in Slackware's setup and seems like a nice versatile tool. See


Iain C
(Not Ian Chilton etc etc)
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