nALFS feature request

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Tue Jan 21 20:15:43 PST 1997

|    <execute>
|       <command>first</command>
|       <param>a</param>
|       <command>second</command>
|       <param>b</param>
|    </execute>
Well, actually I thought more of something like
	   <command>first -param</command>
	   <command>second -param</command>
	   <command>third -param</command>

because currently I gotta do stuff simillar to

	      first -param && \
	      second -param && \
	      third -param

which can become nasty...

| This was mentioned in the past. Search for one of the older mails
| about it ("remove" AND "base" AND "error" or something).
| In short, I think there is less chance for screwing things up without
| those. But that's just IMHO.
Hmmkay ... nevermind.

Regards, Raphael
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