6.7. Linux- API Headers

The Linux API Headers expose the kernel's API for use by Glibc.

Approximate build time: 0.1 SBU
Required disk space: 403 MB

6.7.1. Installation of Linux API Headers

The Linux kernel needs to expose an Application Programming Interface (API) for the system's C library (Glibc in LFS) to use. This is done by way of sanitizing various C header files that are shipped in the Linux kernel source tarball.

Make sure there are no stale files and dependencies lying around from previous activity:

make mrproper

Now test and extract the user-visible kernel headers from the source. They are placed in an intermediate local directory and copied to the needed location because the extraction process removes any existing files in the target directory.

make headers_check
make INSTALL_HDR_PATH=dest headers_install
cp -rv dest/include/* /usr/include

6.7.2. Contents of Linux API Headers

Installed headers: /usr/include/asm/*.h, /usr/include/asm-generic/*.h, /usr/include/drm/*.h, /usr/include/linux/*.h, /usr/include/mtd/*.h, /usr/include/rdma/*.h, /usr/include/sound/*.h, /usr/include/video/*.h

Short Descriptions


The Linux API ASM Headers


The Linux API ASM Generic Headers


The Linux API DRM Headers


The Linux API Linux Headers


The Linux API MTD Headers


The Linux API RDMA Headers


The Linux API Sound Headers


The Linux API Video Headers