Introduction to Gjs

Gjs is a Javascript binding for GNOME.

This package is known to build and work properly using an LFS-7.6 platform.

Package Information

Gjs Dependencies


Cairo-1.12.16, gobject-introspection-1.40.0, and JS2-24.2.0

User Notes: http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/wiki/gjs

Installation of Gjs

Install Gjs by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr &&

To test the results, issue: make -k check. Testsuite fails, for unknown reasons.

Now, as the root user:

make install

Command Explanations

--libexecdir=/usr/lib: This option will put the package's private programs into /usr/lib/gjs instead of /usr/libexec/gjs in accordance with the old version of the FHS used before LFS-7.5..


Installed Programs: gjs (symlink) and gjs-console
Installed Library: libgjs.so
Installed Directories: /usr/include/gjs-1.0, /usr/lib/gjs, and /usr/libexec/gjs

Short Descriptions


contains the GNOME JavaScript bindings.

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